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Agricultural Resources

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Learn How to Hire A Temporary Foreign Agricultural Worker

You can hire a temporary foreign agricultural worker under one of the following streams: Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program Agricultural stream Stream for high-wage positions Stream for low-wage positions


AgGrid: Resources in Simcoe, Grey and Bruce Counties that support Agriculture and Agri-Food

AgGrid 2023 is a resource guide for agriculture and agri-food businesses in Simcoe, Grey and Bruce Counties that are looking for information about starting up, expanding or improving their businesses.


Holland Marsh Resources

The area now known as the Holland Marsh was originally simply a regular marsh.  William Day, a professor at the Ontario Agricultural College, led the project to drain the area beginning in 1925. The process began with soil analyses and successful growing tests to prove the viability of the idea.


Agritourism Toolkit

If you’re thinking of starting an Agritourism business this Toolkit is for you! Learn how to Prepare, Plan, Launch and Evaluate your new agriculture-related business.


Agriculture and Agri-Food Business Retention & Expansion Study 2018

The Agriculture and Agri-Food Value Chain Business Retention and Expansion (BR&E) Study will consist of an analysis of the current agriculture and agri-food business climate based on standardized interviews with local businesses.