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Tempo Plastics

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​​The Most Valuable Asset is Our Team

Next time you’re opening a bag of “Compliments Chocolate Covered Almonds”, or walking through a grocery store aisle and you see “Nutrients Pet Food” or “Funsorts Liquorice Allsorts”, know that the packaging may have been made in Simcoe County.

Custom manufacturing flexible packaging for 48 years, Tempo Plastics Limited is nationally recognized as an award-winning, industry leader. Their impressive 100,000-square-foot facility located in Innisfil operates 24 hours a day and manufactures more than one million packages daily for more than 200 brands.

Their process is more in-depth than you can imagine. From start to finish, it all happens under one roof. Once an order has been placed, the Customer Service Team gets to work preparing the information required to fulfill all the requirements. This information is passed along to various departments including Prepress where the artwork and plates for printing are created.

The Extrusion Department will then extrude the specific gauge of film required for the job. Finalized plates are prepared in the mounting department to be moved to the printing press. The artwork is then printed and laminated. Depending on the requirements of the customer, the film is then slit to specifications, and converted to pouches for delivery.

A number of features and capabilities can be added such as zippers, handles, tear notches, specific barriers, bottom gussets for stand-up capability, HD Flexo printing for powerful graphics and more.

Tempo Plastics has approximately 145 people on staff in a variety of departments including Sales, Accounting, Customer service, and Production. The average length of employment is 15 years, which attests to their top-notch company culture and positive work environment. Tempo Plastics celebrates in their success with employee events such as Team Tempo Jays Day, Joe Giglio Pasta Day, Tough Mudder, Mardi Gras Breakfast, and more – there is always something fun for staff to enjoy, building a beloved community within the company.

“It’s a family-oriented business and we are proud of our history,” said Leonardo Giglio, Vice President, Marketing & Product Development. “A number of staff have been working here for over 30 years, recognizing the integral part they play in the company’s overall success.”