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​Fueling Collaborative Innovation    

Baxter products made right here in Alliston touch the lives of patients everyday. You will find Baxter products and therapies on nearly every floor, in every department, in almost every hospital across Canada.  

The impressive 180,000 square foot manufacturing facility right here in Simcoe County opened in 1957 and currently employs more than 430 people. It is the only large scale manufacturing plant producing life-sustaining intravenous and dialysis solutions in Canada.

A number of medical breakthroughs have come through this plant and the worldwide corporation.

 “In 1968 Baxter developed the first flexible, plastic IV container. This medical breakthrough allows infusions within a closed system, which reduce the chance for contamination. Stevenson Memorial Hospital in Alliston was the first ever to offer this revolutionary system,” said Stephen Thompson, President and General Manager, Baxter Canada.

Innovation is at the core of Baxter’s mission to save and sustain lives. They are focused on helping clinicians be more efficient and effective in treating patients at the bedside, in the operating room, in the intensive care unit, at home and in the dialysis clinic.  

“Continuous improvement and problem solving are part of our culture here at our manufacturing facility. Employees are encouraged to learn and innovate while making a meaningful difference for millions of people,” said Elaine Copsey, Plant Manager, Alliston.

Baxter continues to make investments that accelerate the pace of product innovation, providing patients and providers’ quicker access to new technologies and therapies.

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