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Honda on the lookout for an additional 500+ employees over the next 3 years 

Love what you are doing, or do you have the perfect career? Looking to start your career? Either way, it’s a great time for individuals in Simcoe County to think about beginning or growing their career in the manufacturing sector.

In the next three years, Honda of Canada Mfg. (HCM) anticipates more than 500 associates working at its Alliston plant will be eligible for retirement.

 “We have a number of long-standing associates who joined us 30-plus years ago that will be approaching retirement shortly,” said Kevin Mullins, Manager, Associate Services.

HCM currently employs 4,200 hardworking associates and produces 400,000 vehicles and 260,000 engines annually.

The plant operates three facilities across almost 900 acres providing ample opportunities. There’s a breadth of positions available and multiple career paths with opportunities for growth. At HCM, positions range from assembly, research and development, engineering, quality assurance, sales and marketing, finance and accounting, electricians, millwrights and more. A new vehicle comes off the line almost every 60 seconds and each associate plays an integral role in making that happen.

“In addition to a competitive compensation and benefits program, our associates enjoy our onsite fitness centre, that includes a NHL-sized rink and hockey league, exclusive product deals, reimbursement for continuing education, competitive retirement plans and more,” said Mullins. “And in many cases, our rewards extend to our associates’ family; as an example our annual Kids Christmas Party is a very special event in the holiday calendar.”

At the centre of the Honda philosophy is “Respect for the Individual” — a fundamental belief that each associate can explore and create his or her own dreams. All Honda associates worldwide wear white uniforms. Originating from the spirit of equality, challenge and trust in the company culture. It encourages all associates to work together in the spirit of continuous improvement, regardless of title or position.

Honda founder, Sochiro Honda said, “Good products can’t be made in a dirty plant. That’s why I think it would be good to have white overalls. Dirt shows on white, so we have to make our plant as clean as possible so that the white overalls won’t get dirty.”

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